Saturday, September 6, 2008

Preparation H

Preparation for the Hospital, that is. We found out several days ago (something happened to my last post it just evaporated into cyber space and didn't actually post) that Aspen is having her biopsy Monday morning at 9am. They were apologetic for taking so long to call us...I didn't think it took too terribly long, they are just so nice!

Well, the one and only complaint we ever hear about the children's hospital is that they do a test and it comes out positive and they whisk your child away to surgery, or chemo, or whatever and you aren't prepared and don't know what's going on. So...we went ahead and had a sleep over party with a few friends for Aspen's birthday Thursday night(hurray, we homeschool and so do most of her friends so we can do crazy stuff on crazy nights of the week!). It would be terrible to have to get treated for the outcome and not get to have your party, it was already two weeks late. (check that off the list)

We have already done the research and know the risks associated with almost any potential outcomes (check that off the list). We are packing overnight bags just in case (check that off the list). And we have restocked the bag of interesting things to do while waiting hours and hours and hours...we were told it was 5 hours from the time they start, not to mention the 2 hours of prep and interviews with doctors, anesthesiologists (they put her clear out), nurses, etc.

Now that we have all our bases covered Murphy's Law dictates that it will be a short, simple procedure with no complications and no overnight stay...right? I always prepare for the worst and expect the best.

She will be in the children's area this time...last time she had the ultrasound she was in the adult area. It was a little weird to be around a bunch of really sick people for her; even though she got a private room the walls were glass and she was wheeled past other people who were hacking and had tubes coming out all over. I hope it's not scarier to see really sick kids. So far it's been ok when a child is so sick or disabled they come in all strapped down and tubed up by medical transport, I think she just feels sad for them and not creeped out. It's certainly humbling...I am scared to death for her, but she is by far the healthiest kid there every time, we are so blessed.


Kristi Erickson said...

Hi Ladies! I'll be praying for you tomorrow!!!!! You guys are special!!!!!!

Hidden Jewel said...

Wow! Praying here this morning. Will be waiting to hear when you get back.