Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Been Just A Little While

Well, life has been, in order of crazy things happening in life:

November brought us Thanksgiving and Ken asking to come home to stay. With lots of counseling things were beginning to look hopeful so we (me and the girls) said YES and he moved home.

I started my job at the hospital inpatient pharmacy. I have many feelings about's certainly not the military, and for the most part it's a great crew of people and I enjoy the change of pace. It seems like there is always something new in pharmacy, maybe that's why I like it.

We started house hunting...I couldn't take another minute in the hobbit house!! I will extoll it's virtues and lack there of at a later date.

December 1st Aspen had another MRI.

We found a house, made an offer, celebrated 5 Christmases with all our various family combinations except my biological father who probably thinks I fell off the face of the earth.

And then we moved. Still no test results...not too concerned, if it was terrible they would call us.

Got a very cool package from everyone for the girls...thank you everyone!! Aspen is thrilled with her Nintendo DS, Ciera loves the Irish Dance clothes for her American Girl doll and we appreciate the Vitamix and all the grocery cards. We feel like we have our heads above water so we are regifting the cards to others at church who are trying to make it though hard times. It's SO nice to be on the giving end again, it's humbling to receive, but it makes us better givers!

We got test change from September. I think we will get another doctor...we wouldn't be able to live with ourselves if they missed something. Aspen has started to seem tired again and looks rather pale. She gets really flushed after eating meals and woke up last night with a bad stomach ache over on her left side.

I really thought we were done, we paid the last of the medical bills...I'm ready to be done in so many ways.

On to better news...we love our new house. We are still burried in boxes and we didn't sort anything before we moved since it was such a quick close. Lots of things we haven't seen for 8's been in storage since we left Georgia! We had an amazing crew of people from church come whisk boxes from one place to another...they even packed things I didn't quite have in boxes....WAY above and beyond the call of duty!!

Cierra is doing Junior Toastmasters and working on her public speaking skills and having a great time.

Aspen is anxiously awaiting the next pottery class to start and starting to prepare things for the fair this summer...she wants to enter some of her photography and pottery.

They just completed earning their Girl Scout Bronze Award...they visited Medical Teams International and put together over 100 Hope Kits for people around the world.

I think it's time to separate this blog from my life and have this be just Aspen's I will post another blog link on the side if you'd like to follow my wild life on the side.